Sunday, 17 June 2012


In the musical theatre showcase malice i played the character illosovic stayne the naive of hearts who is the right hand man to the evil queen. i was really happy with the part i got as i never get to play a villain so it made a nice change, it was a very different character for me to play but i think i pulled it off.
It was good that the red queen was played by Gina as well because of past performances we have done together we make a good team and bounce of each other on stage which made it a lot easier for me as i hated singing in front of people so feeling comfortable made it a lot easier.
I think that most people would agree with me when i say the rehearsal process started to get boring and stress full the closer to the show we got and tensions were running high but it paid off at the end. honestly i did get worried on the day of the first show because that was the first time we had a proper run through and it didn't go the best, and Evan the show in the night there was a few mistakes luckily most of them wasn't noticeable to the audience except when someones mic was left on, but we pulled through and overall there was some positive feedback.
The best one for me i felt was the matinee show on the Wednesday because everyone was really going for it and the audience wasn't the biggest we had but was defiantly the most interactive audience we had which helps us on stage give it that little more and you could really see that everyone was enjoying it. i felt that in this performance of malice i did my best my reactions to everybody stage is what i wanted to make sure i did and i think i did that well and all though I'm not the best singer i thought me and the red queen worked really well with each other in good and evil and through all of ours scenes together.
The final performance was probably the most nerve racking for me as the brew house was nearly full which is the biggest audience iv had in my three years of being at Burton college and it felt amazing! although the crowd wasn't overly reactive with us the cheered and clapped in the right places which gave us all a confidence boost and you could really see that in some peoples performances they really shone through and made the show most of the time.
Overall id say that malice was a success and I'm really going to miss it now its over and before this I hated musical theatre with a passion but it has changed the way i see it now, it was extremely well written and i would love to do it all again, i think having the arts department make our set and the make up girls do our make up and the costumes being amazing really hyped everybody up and made it as good as it was, iv only heard positive feedback and id agree with all of it.

Friday, 15 June 2012


For me my main weakness is my lack of ability to sing, Ive always been funny about singing in front of people and doing it in front of a big audience is nerve racking for me.
But my main worry is that there are so many other talented singers in the cast that it will just make me sound worse, so iv decided instead of trying to sing and failing I'm going to sping (speak sing) that way i can deliver the lines in time with the music but just saying them and it will hopefully work along side the red queens voice and make good and evil the best it can because i think it has a lot of potential.
The main weakness i think as a group would be attendance there's been so many weeks where people haven't turned up or we haven't done a lot in the rehearsal that it starts to make us panic, and that also leads to last minute part changes and that adds more pressure on different cats members but if they do pull it off it will be good, and hopefully we do malice justice because honestly i really like the script and i think it could potentially be amazing! visually it already looks brilliant and we haven't even been on the stage were performing it on yet!


Now i think my character is really strong iv tried on my costume which is really heavy but does help me get into character, i believe i am ready now i know all my lines and good and evil is coming along well, i am nervous but excited at the same time!
its been a hard process but i think everyone has pulled together and its should be a really awesome show!
I'm not the best singer so I'm going to get my grades for characterisation with the little things like reacting to whats being said Evan if there not talking to me, i think its about 70% of the time a actors on stage there not delivering lines and that's where its hardest to keep your characters body posture and simple mannerisms. My main mannerisms will be playing with my eye patch to show its really uncomfortable and hopefully the Little things like this will get me the grade i want.

good and evil

well me and the cast member playing the red queen went through our song for the first time again and Ive got to be honest me made me a lot more nervous than i was before. i know i cant sing at all and she is a brilliant singer so its putting the pressure on me to pull it out of the bag somehow. i know now that i need to get my timing in better and i need to be a lot louder because the venue is quite big and were expecting a pretty big audience. here's the lyrics:

Red Queen

Good and evil and their merits
Men have argued through history, as well they should!
My philosophy any child can see
Good is evil and therefore all evil is good

How do you tell evil from good?
Evil does well, good - not so good!
Evil's the one that is free everywhere
Good is the one that they sell!
You must decide between Alice, and this fine Belle!

Good men maintain evil's a curse!
But it is plain, good's - even worse!
Evil's the one that they tell you to shun
Good is the one to embrace
Say that and I will laugh right in your face!

The battle between good and evil
Goes back to the start
Adam and Eve and the apple tore Eden apart!

The key thing about good 'n' evil
Each man has to choose!
Heaven 'n' hell
Is a helluva gamble to lose!

Red Queen (Chorus echo)
But as I peruse (As you peruse)
This world we abuse  (This world you abuse)
It's me you should choose (It’s you that we chose)
And Alice must lose!

  Evil is everywhere                                                                         (Red Queen)
Good doesn't have a prayer!                                                      (Illosovic)
Good is commendable                                                                  (Red Queen)
Evil's dependable!                                                                           (Illosovic)
Evil is viable                                                                                        (Red Queen)
Good's unreliable!                                                                           (Illosovic)
Good may be thankable!                                                              (Red Queen)
Evil is bankable!                                                                                                (Illosovic)

Red Queen
Evil's for me, you can have good!
Doesn't suit me to be Robin Hood!
S'easier by far, from the way that things are,
To remain really evil
Than try to be evil and good!

I'm really worried about it but me and the red queen bounce of eacother on stage anyway so i think we should do ok.

character profile

This is my character profile on illosovic stayne :

they way i will be playing illy will be evil but more out of fear of his own life than just for fun, the red queen is in love with him and he is well aware of this so he uses it to his adavantage to make sure he dosent get killed by her.
im really enjoying playing the bad guy for once beacuse i usally play the little sweet inoccent kid so it makes a nice change, iv been looking at bad guys in other musicals aswell and im going to use some of the trates from judge turpin from sweeny todd, not majorly but just the creepyness (does help that i love that film!) as i dont have a massive amount of lines i want to look on a edge and a bit creepy untill the red queen talks which kind of snaps me out of it and my fear of upseting her comes through.
i think im going to use a very ridgid posture with always standing at attention, because i have decided that in the past illy was in the army from a young age and when the red queen saw him for the first time she demanded that he be her personal protector and hes been stuck with her ever since.
Another thing i made a decision on his past is how he got the scar on his face, after watching the movie with jonny depp in it was the door mouse who did it, but i decided it would be the mad hatter because apart from alice he seems like the white queens right hand man and the way i see our characters he is almost the good but slightly crazier version of me, and they have the same sort of authority when it comes to the queens of wonderland.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


well now here goes a little dive into the history of musical theatre, we've been asked to list what musicals we've seen and for me that isn't a lot because I'm not a big fan to be honest but i have seen Cats, Joseph and le mis i thought le mis was the best one iv seen but iv heard a lot of good things about wicked and i want to go watch it. here's a video of the only song i know from wicked defying gravity .....

song and dance

we've got some lyrics for the songs we will be performing and I'm pretty pleased and Evan though if I'm not in it one of my favourite's has to be crazy and we know it! (a re-wright of lmfao's sexy and we know it) looking forward to seeing what happens with that number.

rehearsal time

were now rehearsing for malice and so far so good iv got the part of Illsovic Stayne the naive of hearts, he is the red queens right hand man in wonderland, we've read through the first act and i like what iv got, probably be happier with a little more stage time but then again the cast is huge so I'm pretty happy.

Monday, 11 June 2012

audition tiiime

well the malice auditions are coming up and we have to pick a song from a musical theatre piece :S so i spoke to Ollie about it (because i hate singing especially in front of people) so he suggested a speak sing kinda song, so i chose under the the sea from the little mermaid.